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Workforce Readiness/Development Resources 

 We encourage you to learn more about Workforce Readiness!

SHRM offers us a Workforce Readiness webcast archive with some

very helpful guidance on developing workforce readiness initiatives

Please click on the links below to access national and state-wide resources to support workforce readiness and development. If you know of other resources and want to have them reviewed and, possibly, added to these links, please contact the CT SHRM State Council at administrator@ctshrm.org

 College Programs/Career Services

Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management:

By accessing the following link and using the site’s search capability, your employees interested in seeking a graduate degree in HR Management will find a broad array of resources.

Click here


College Degree Programs in Human Resource Management
The SHRM Foundation provides a search engine, so employers and employees can search by state or by institution for HR undergraduate degree programs. You can follow the link below to see the home page for these resources:

High School Workforce Readiness

Are High School Students Receiving the Essential Training

For a Career or to Go On to College?

Read the article here




What Americans Think About The College and Career-Ready Agenda

For years, state and local policymakers and education leaders have embraced the goal of graduating students college and career ready, vaulting the agenda to become a national priority - as evidenced by the more recent dialogue on education reform, including Race to the Top, Common Core State Standards, and common assessments. But, while policy leaders at all levels embrace the goal of college and career readiness for all, what does the public think?<o:p></o:p>

To find out, Achieve commissioned a survey of registered voters to find out whether they support both the goal of graduating all students from high school ready for college and careers and the necessary policies to meet that goal.

The poll found support for the college- and career-ready agenda to be broad, deep and fully bipartisan. (August 2010) click on link below.<o:p></o:p>


Employer Workforce Readiness

On this link, you will find:

Connecticut Works Career Centers

Connecticut Workforce Investment Boards

Other Important Links for Employers

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More Connecticut Employer Information:

You Belong in Connecticut!

 The NCDA has a great section of resources for career planning:


The TalentSpace Blog has a good collection of career management articles:


Chief Learning Officer also has a good blog on career development:


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