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Paycheck Fairness Act Would Hold Employers Accountable for Pay Gaps

The Paycheck Fairness Act was reintroduced in Congress on Jan. 30. What would mean for employers if Congress approves it?

Workforce Skills Programs Need More Funding, Policy Reforms

Updating the Higher Education Act to reflect current labor market needs and supporting work-based skills training are two of the top priorities for workforce development policy in 2019.

HHS Proposes Higher 2020 Out-of-Pocket Maximums for Health Plans

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed raising enrollee out-of-pocket maximums by 3.8 percent next year. The proposal would also affect employer shared responsibility assessment penalties for 2020.

During Tax Season, Remind Modest Earners About the Saver’s Credit

At tax time, employers have an opportunity to let low- and moderate-income workers know about a special tax credit that can help them save for retirement through their employer-sponsored plan.

Should Multinational Employers Have a Global Handbook?

Businesses based in the U.S. generally create a handbook for their employees that explains workplace policies and procedures, employee benefits, and other important information—but a handbook may not be needed for worksites abroad. Here are some factors that U.S.-based employers should consider when developing policies for international locations.

Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplace Policies

When it comes to employment protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) workers, dealing with the hodgepodge of state and local laws and conflicting interpretations of federal law can be daunting for employees and employers alike. To ease confusion and provide clarity, businesses should consider adopting the most inclusive policies, employment law attorneys said.

Congress Considers Nationwide Ban on Salary-History Inquiries

The proposed Paycheck Fairness Act would prohibit employers nationwide from asking job applicants about their salary history and require employers to prove that pay disparities between men and women are job-related.

Minimum Wage Rates by State and Municipality

A chart of minimum wage rates by state and municipality.

Workplace Romance Can Give Employers Heartburn

Valentine's Day is a good time for employers to look at their policies and make sure they are doing all they can to provide a safe environment for employees where unwanted sexual advances are prohibited.

Recertification Q&A: Credit for Consulting; Recertifying Early

Can you earn recertification credit for running your own business? And what if you earn 60 recert credits before your three-year recertification cycle is over? The SHRM Certification team answers frequently asked questions in each issue of the SHRM Certification Update.

Practice Makes Proficient: Develop Your Leadership

The key to developing leadership, as with all HR competencies, is action and hard work. Even if opportunities are limited in your current role or company, you can take control of your development as an HR leader. Columnist Phyllis Hartman, SHRM-SCP, explains how.

Viewpoint: Resolving Conflicts, Building Relationships (and Competencies)

In his role as a mediator and fact-finder, Matthew Burr, SHRM-SCP uses many components of the SHRM BoCK to resolve contract disputes in the public sector. They are necessary for any HR professional dealing with union or nonunion disputes.

Help Employees Keep Their Wellness Resolutions Past January

Personal health and wellness resolutions made at the top of the year inevitably start to fade as time progresses. Workplace wellness programs drawing on seasonal themes can recharge employees' commitments.

Using Voluntary Benefits to Support Workforce Strategy

Facing a competitive talent market, many employers are shifting voluntary benefits into a more prominent strategic role to attract and keep talent. Decision-support tools available on enrollment platforms can educate employees on how to choose appropriate benefits.

Dutch Court Recognizes Limit on European Works Councils

A recent decision by the preliminary relief judge of the court in Rotterdam, Netherlands, addresses the obligations of international groups of companies to consult with their European Works Council (EWC) if planning a reorganisation in the European Union.

Union Challenges Decision on California Break Rules for Truck Drivers

A labor union has asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review a federal agency’s determination that California's meal and rest break rules are pre-empted by federal law for certain commercial motor vehicle drivers.

Illinois Supreme Court’s Biometric Privacy Ruling Raises Liability Risk

Under a recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling, businesses that gather certain biometric data are now at a greater risk of liability if they don’t follow the state Biometric Information Privacy Act’s procedures.

Weed at Work: Is Cannabis Covered Under State Benefit Programs?

States that have legalized cannabis may take different views of marijuana use with regard to workers' compensation and unemployment benefit programs. The law is still developing in these areas, but here’s what employers should know ... for now.

SHRM CEO Named to American Workforce Policy Advisory Board

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., has been named to the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which will make recommendations on increasing education and work-based learning opportunities for workers facing a widening skills gap in rapidly transforming workplaces.

SHRM-Backed Bill Would Give a Tax Break for Student Loan Repayment Aid

Proposed legislation would give employer-provided student loan repayments the same tax advantages as Section 127 tuition assistance. The bipartisan measure is backed by the Society for Human Resource Management.

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