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What Was Hot in HR Technology in 2018?

Ready or not, digital workplaces are coming. To prepare, companies are making record-breaking investments in HR technology to explore products that use artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics. This year’s most-read SHRM Online articles on HR technology covered these high-level topics, but HR professionals were also interested in coverage of specific tools to help improve core HR functions such as onboarding, performance management, employee recognition and harassment prevention

5 Takeaways from Oregon’s New Pay Equity Regulations

Weeks before the bulk of Oregon’s new equal pay law will take effect, the state Bureau of Labor and Industries released implementing regulations to clarify employer obligations.

Michigan Legislature Adopt Changes to Paid-Sick-Leave Act

Michigan lawmakers passed the Paid Medical Leave Act which makes wholesale changes to the state’s paid-sick-leave proposal by limiting the scope of coverage, reducing the benefits employees must receive and alleviating the administrative burden on employers.

New York City Employers: Update Your Policies and Practices for 2019

Employers in the Big Apple must comply with a host of new laws that either took effect in 2018 or will take effect in 2019. New mandates on sexual-harassment-prevention training and policies, lactation accommodations, and minimum wage and exempt salary thresholds top the compliance checklist.

China Likely Responsible for Marriott Data Breach

The U.S. government believes that hackers affiliated with the Chinese government were most likely responsible for the massive data breach of Marriott’s Starwood chain hotel reservation system.

ACA Obligations Remain in Place Despite Court Ruling

​Despite a new ruling by a federal judge in Texas that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional, all ACA coverage and reporting obligations for employers remain in place. The decision will most likely be quickly appealed, and the Supreme Court will once again decide the fate of the health care law.

Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: When You Conduct a Layoff, Don’t Do It Like This

To avoid facing disgruntled employees, employers often wait until the last legal minute to give workers notice that a layoff is happening. That's stressful for the workers suddenly facing unemployment and the employer who is keeping the secret. It doesn't have to be that way, says columnist Jathan Janove.

Your Career Q&A: Make Your E-Mail Work for You

Your e-mail address and subject line are the first things employers see when you reach out to them. Customized properly, e-mails can quickly arouse employers' interest. Take advantage of this first impression and turn your e-mail address and subject line into a highly condensed resume.

Viewpoint: How Computer Forensic Examiners Help Investigate Digital Misconduct

Computer forensic examinations are investigations that are best conducted by specialized examiners.

Government Shutdown Would Affect Many Businesses

Businesses and government employees must brace themselves for the possibility of a partial federal government shutdown, as the deadline for funding a quarter of federal agencies nears.

OFCCP Directives Will Result in More Audits

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has issued new directives that will result in speedier audits of federal contractors in 2019 and, thus, more of them.

5 Things to Know About Wage Deductions in California

Under California law, all earned wages are the employee's property, so employers may make deductions from employees' wages only under certain circumstances. Here are five key points that employers should understand.

Oregon Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters

Oregon workplace labor and employment law poster chart.

Apple Latest Tech Company to Expand U.S. Operations, Add Jobs

​Apple is the latest tech giant to announce plans for a major expansion of its operations. It took a less hyped approach than Amazon in its search.

Top 7 Benefits Articles for 2018

As the year winds down, here's a look back at some of SHRM Online’s most-read articles about employee benefits this year, describing developments and trends that will have continuing impact in 2019.

IRS Offers Relief for 2018 Taxes on Parking Benefits

The IRS clarified how employers can calculate the tax on qualified parking benefits that took effect this year. The guidance also provides some relief for tax-exempt organizations, which now must pay unrelated business income tax for parking benefits.

Hong Kong: Changes to Discrimination Laws Proposed

Legislation was published that proposes various amendments to the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, Disability Discrimination Ordinance, Family Status Discrimination Ordinance and the Race Discrimination Ordinance.

Japan: Labor Reform Caps Overtime to Curb Death by Overwork

The problem of death by overwork is so prevalent the Japanese have created a word for it: karoshi. This year Japan passed the “Work Style Reform Law” to address some of these issues.

FLSA Overtime Rule Is the Top Legal Concern for HR in 2018

HR professionals were looking ahead to 2019 as early as spring of this year in anticipation of a proposed overtime rule. Our article discussing the proposed rule was the most-read employment law article on SHRM Online for 2018.

Ontario: Lawmakers Will Consider Employment-Related Bill in 2019

Ontario lawmakers will debate an omnibus bill in 2019 that would make significant changes to labor, employment and pension legislation. Some version of the bill will likely be approved by the spring.

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