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DOL’s Workforce Training Rules Slated for June

Final regulations transforming the nation’s public workforce system by improving the links between diverse talent and the nation’s employers are scheduled for June 2016, according to the Department of Labor.

DOL Forecast Shows PERM Labor Proposals Imminent

Proposed rules affecting the labor certification process for employers seeking to employ foreign workers permanently in the United States are about to emerge, according to the Department of Labor’s recently released regulatory agenda.

ATSs: Moving Beyond Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking systems have outgrown their initial function and are rapidly evolving into a more effective recruiting resource, according to a panel of talent acquisition experts.

Relying on FBI Fingerprint Background Checks Is Flawed, Risky for Employers

State legislators are increasingly proposing that FBI and state fingerprint checks be a required part of employment screening, but there are potentially serious problems with this.

HR Has an Emerging Role in Battling Sex Trafficking

During her darkest days, the young woman had no job and drugs and alcohol became a constant. That changed when she entered Hire Hope, a program that provides life skills and other training and job opportunities for former sex trafficking victims.

The Brave New World of Social Media Sourcing

More and more recruiters are turning to social media to find talent, scouring social media profiles, blogs and online communities to find information on passive candidates.

Netflix Encourages Hiring Managers to Be Recruiters

Netflix’s hiring process is just as innovative as its famously intense “freedom and responsibility” culture—one without performance reviews, expense approvals or many guidelines at all.

DOL Overtime Rule Will Challenge Recruiting

New regulations governing overtime pay will have a significant impact on recruitment, employers say, from scaling back hiring to rebranding roles that have been downgraded from salaried to hourly.

In Focus: Uber, Lyft Suspend Austin, Texas, Service over Background Checks

Residents of Austin, Texas, voted May 7 to keep strict background checks, including fingerprinting, for drivers working for popular ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft.

EEOC: Unselected Applicants’ Information Must Be Saved, Too

Employment statutes require covered employers to retain job candidates’ records—even for the candidates who aren’t hired—including applications, resumes, interview notes, assessment tests, reference checks, drug screens and background screens.

Validate Employment Tests to Avoid Lawsuits

Employers that use hiring tests must ensure that the tests are job-related and consistent with business necessity, as required under the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

Do Your Recruiters Have What It Takes?

Skills gaps and talent shortages have made it difficult in recent years for employers to hire the staff they need, and hiring becomes even more difficult when a company’s recruiters don’t have the necessary skills.

Rewarding Recruiters for Performance Pays Off

Talent acquisition professionals with higher variable performance-based pay tend to deliver higher-quality shortlists, engage with candidates more often and fill requisitions more quickly, according to a new survey report.

5 Tips for Recruiters at Small Companies

Though recruiters who work either as a one-person show or as part of a small team have limited resources, there are several low- or no-cost ways they can ensure that the impact they’re making is a positive one.

Is Values-Based Hiring Right for Your Business?

Values-based hiring is not a new concept in the world of talent acquisition, but the recent focus on strategic hiring and the importance of cultural fit brings the benefits of values-based hiring into high relief.

Employers Must Submit Training Plans for Foreign Student Workers

A written training plan is among the new employer requirements that went into effect May 10 for companies employing eligible foreign graduates of U.S. colleges and universities via the government’s STEM Optional Practical Training program.

How to Conduct Individualized Assessments in Background Checks

Many organizations still aren’t sure how to conduct the individualized assessments required by the EEOC's 2012 guidance on using criminal history in hiring decisions..

Immigration Filing Fees About to Get Steeper

The filing fees for immigration and naturalization applications and petitions are scheduled to increase by an overall average of 21 percent, most likely later this summer, according to a recent proposal from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Noncompliant Electronic I-9 Software Risks Fines

Electronic I-9 software can be very attractive to companies looking for efficiency. However, buyers beware, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will hold the company liable for the faults of the software vendor if its technology fails to comply.

Where Are All the Good Recruiters?

Employers have been hampered by a lack of experienced recruiters: veterans who have the chops to work effectively with hiring managers, identify qualified candidates, and develop the relationships necessary to build and maintain a pipeline of talent.

How the Boston Red Sox Got into the Digital Hiring Game

In addition to creating a better candidate experience and making better use of managers’ time, the organization wanted to streamline the hiring process, speed up recruiting time, and get earlier insights into applicants’ passion, fit and skills.

Job Cuts Rose by 35 Percent in April

Layoffs for the first four months of the year (250,061) are up 24 percent from the same period last year and mark the highest January-April total since 2009, when the opening four months of the year saw 695,100 job cuts.

SHRM Foundation Guide Outlines 4-Step Recruitment Process

For a talent acquisition process to be consistently successful, it must begin by establishing recruitment objectives and a specific action plan to meet those objectives, and end with an evaluation of the results.

Number of New Jobs Falls Below Expectations

The U.S. economy added 160,000 jobs in April 2016, dampening expectations that the labor market could match the robust gains of the previous two months.

Study: Credit Check Bans Hurt Black Job Seekers, Among Others

Laws banning the use of credit checks during the hiring process are hurting some of the very people they’re supposed to be helping, according to a recently released study.

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