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Artificial Intelligence Can Free HR Professionals to Focus on Strategy

Social Geotargeting Is Your New Recruiting Secret Sauce

SHRM Article ImageSocial geotargeting can be the special secret sauce that elevates your recruiting efforts.

Managing Leave Issues: An FMLA Primer for HR Professionals

SHRM Article ImageWhile the basic tenets and provisions of the FMLA have not changed through the regulatory process since 2008, there are administrative agency interpretations, updates, and guidance of which employers should be aware.

What Are the Prospects for Single-Payer Health Care in California?

SHRM Article ImageAdvocates of a single-payer health care system in the Golden State cheered when S.B. 562 passed the state Senate in June. But their hopes were temporarily dashed later that month when the bill was blocked from moving forward.

Accommodating Workers with a History of Substance Abuse

SHRM Article ImageEmployers don't have to accommodate any alcohol or illicit drug use in the workplace, but they must be careful not to discriminate against workers with a history of substance abuse who are no longer using. Here’s what HR professionals should know.

Newspaper Carriers Are Employees, Not Independent Contractors, Calif. Court Rules

SHRM Article ImageCarriers who delivered the San Diego-Union Tribune newspaper were employees of the company, not independent contractors, as the newspaper claimed, the California Court of Appeal ruled.

Embracing the Freelance Talent Model

SHRM Article ImageEmployers are including a wider array of contingent workers in their organizations, including project-based freelancers, so they can be more agile in a tight talent market, recent studies have shown.

HSA Provisions in Failed GOP Bills Could Return in Future Legislation. Should They?

SHRM Article ImageEven with no replacement measure for the Affordable Care Act now on the congressional horizon, the health savings account reforms in the now-abandoned Senate and House health care bills may yet be voted on by Congress, if HSA stand-alone legislation is introduced or as part of efforts to stabilize the public health care exchanges.

Lack of Benefits Leaves Part-Time Workers Vulnerable

SHRM Article ImagePart-time employees typically are not eligible for their company's core benefits offerings and oftentimes can feel left out. Offering part-timers access to employee-paid voluntary benefits can help to keep them onboard.

2018 Salary Increase Budgets Expected to Rise 3% in the U.S.

SHRM Article ImageA new forecast predicts that salary increase budgets for U.S. employers will grow 3 percent on average in 2018 across most employee categories, essentially unchanged from 2017.

When HR Gets It Wrong: Misconduct Won’t Change Until the Culture Does

SHRM Article ImageWhy creating a “culture of civility” may help to prevent workplace misconduct, inequity and other problems.

8 Tips for Creating a Learning Culture

SHRM Article ImageTraining and development should pervade every aspect of today’s workplace.

Expansive Employment Laws Proliferate

States and cities adopt rules that go beyond what federal employment laws require.

Off-the-Clock Overtime Lawsuit Against Chipotle Proceeds as a Collective Action

SHRM Article ImageAn overtime lawsuit by hourly night-shift employees of a Chipotle restaurant in Minnesota who allegedly worked uncompensated time closing the restaurant can proceed as a collective action, the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota ruled.

Senate Committee Advances Trump’s NLRB Nominees

SHRM Article ImageA Senate committee voted 12-11 on July 19 to advance President Donald Trump's nominees, William Emanuel and Marvin Kaplan, for two vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Nevada Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters

SHRM Article ImageNevada workplace labor and employment law poster chart.

Viewpoint: How Women Can Master the Art of Executive Presence

SHRM Article ImageExecutive presence is the mysterious X-factor that often determines whether talented women rise to the top ranks of leadership. Professional success is not always determined by who has the most prestigious title. It's determined by who can make a great first impression, command respect and handle social situations with professionalism.

Multicultural Women Benefit from Male Support in the Workplace

SHRM Article ImageHaving male allies in leadership positions at work makes a sizable impact on the career advancement of multicultural women, according to a report from the Working Mother Research Institute

DHS Grants Additional 15,000 H-2B Visas

SHRM Article ImageSummer seasonal employers will have access to 15,000 additional H-2B visas for temporary guest workers through the remainder of the fiscal year (FY) that ends Sept. 30.

How to Avoid Annoying Your Hiring Managers

SHRM Article ImageBecause hiring managers and HR professionals are inextricably linked throughout the recruitment and hiring process, it’s important that their relationships are transparent and free from barriers that can, however inadvertently, lead to inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

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