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Know Before You Hire: 2019 Trends in Employment Screening

Employers are ramping up their use of social media screening and real-time employee monitoring in 2019. And the demand for workers in a tight labor market will push more companies to consider applicants they may have once ignored: those with criminal records.

Are Probationary Periods Passé?

Using a probation period to assess the suitability of new hires is an outdated practice that could prove legally costly for your company, according to experts, because such a period may create an expectation of a permanent job once probation is completed.

Google and the Gig Workers: What Other Employers Can Learn

Google's temporary, vendor and contract workers are demanding treatment and benefits equal to Google's full-time workers. Their concerns are compelling, but there are fundamental differences between contractors and full-time staff. Employers can't treat gig workers the same as regular employees, but they can treat them better than they have been, experts say.

Viewpoint: HR's Role in the Approaching AI Revolution

Disruption is here. Artificial intelligence and super-capable machines are doing the jobs of humans. What is HR's role in this completely changed workforce?

Caregiving Benefits Tend to Miss the Mark

Employer-provided caregiving-support benefits often aren't what employees say they most need, new research found. This misalignment can lower productivity and drive caregivers out of the workforce.

50 Years After Age Discrimination Became Illegal, It Persists

More than 50 years after Congress made it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers ages 40 or older, a new data analysis by the Urban Institute and ProPublica shows that more than half of older U.S. workers are pushed out of longtime jobs before they choose to retire, suffering financial damage that is often irreversible.

Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: #MeToo and Confirmation Bias

HR's reputation has taken a hit in the #MeToo era. Rightly or not, it's been accused of overlooking, ignoring or even enabling sexually harassing behavior. "Confirmation bias"--the tendency to evaluate information with a view to supporting what we're already inclined to believe, which often consists of what we perceive to be in our best interest--could be contributing to the problem.

Career Success in 2019: How to Turn Dreams into Goals and Results

Want to achieve your career goals in 2019? Commit to your own best interests. Focus time and effort on your own future. Here are the two ways to do this.

Supreme Court Permits Restrictions on Transgender Military Service

Transgender individuals continue to face barriers in employment, as the U.S. Supreme Court let President Donald Trump’s restrictions on transgender persons serving in the military take effect.

Flawed Separation Agreement Does Not Bar ADEA Claims

A former United Parcel Service employee who signed a separation agreement that did not reference the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) could still bring an ADEA claim.

Employee Wasn’t Entitled to Reinstatement

An employee who took leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act was not entitled to the same or an equivalent position after the company was acquired in a merger, despite the company having approved her request for more than 12 weeks of leave.

Two California Bills Address Independent Contractor Misclassification

​Two competing bills related to the classification of workers are in play in the California legislature.

Viewpoint: 5 Significant Recruiting and Retention Issues for 2019

Unemployment has reached record lows, and recruiters are finding it difficult to get candidates to consider their open positions. Moreover, companies are struggling to keep current employees from jumping ship for better offers. Here are the five most significant recruiting and retention issues HR will face this year, according to a range of industry experts.

Take Mom and Dad to Work: Is This Helicopter Parenting Gone Mad?

Taking your parents to work is a LinkedIn idea that’s taking root at other organizations.

Returnships Can Help Unemployed Ease Back into the Workforce

Companies are launching returnship programs to draw in applicants who may want to come back to work but have been out of the office for some time. Such arrangements are proliferating due to their success rates, the tight labor market and companies' attempts to diversify their workforces.

Brazil: How Is the 2017 Labor Reform Working?

The main practical effect of the Brazil’s major reform of labor law in 2017 has been the immediate decrease of employment-related litigation—most of which was frivolous litigation.

Russia: Avoid Pitfalls During Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations in Russia are conducted in a heavily regulated environment. They are further complicated by numerous practical challenges. Observing the legal and factual requirements is like navigating through a minefield.

Employers: Beware of Social Security and IRS Scams

The IRS and Social Security Administration recently warned about identity thieves who claim to be government representatives and try to obtain personal data. Employers should be aware of these scams and ensure that their employees are trained to protect confidential business, customer and employee data.

Shutdown, Drop in Number of Commissioners Put EEOC on Hold

The partial government shutdown of 2018-19 has drastically curtailed operations at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

New York Legislature Passes Transgender Rights Law

New York legislators passed a measure that will add gender identity and expression to the protected categories under the state's anti-discrimination law—which covers employment, housing and places of public accommodation.

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