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Artificial Intelligence Changing Skills Needs

Advancements in technology, such as robotics and artifical intelligence, mean workers will need to develop new skills to meet employer demand. Skills such as data presentation—organizing data so it is easy to understand—are expected to be in demand, for example.

13 'Nondefenses' to Workplace Harassment

SHRM Article ImageMake sure supervisors know that these common justifications for harassing conduct are unacceptable.

In Focus: Leadership Is 'Personal, Not Positional'

A leader typically is associated with a position such as CEO—an all-powerful person directing an organization from on high, like a general. In the past, women aspiring to such roles struggled against stereotypes of what it means to be in charge. But leadership requires more than just telling others what to do. The essential skills of effective leaders—such as clarity of vision, accountability, decision making—are not limited to one gender or executed in a particular way.

At Some Companies, You Can’t Hire One Spouse Without Helping the Other Job Hunt

SHRM Article ImageAccording to the Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, 80 percent of respondent companies report that a “spousal employment situation is a probable obstacle to a candidate’s relocation.”

No More Delays for Fiduciary Rule Means It's Time to Ensure Compliance

SHRM Article ImageFollowing Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta's announcement that he won't further delay the fiduciary rule, retirement plan sponsors should ensure that any investment advice they help plan participants receive isn't conflicted due to advisor fees, as the risk of class-action lawsuits increases.

HSA Enrollment Rises as Employer Contributions Fall

SHRM Article ImageEmployers continue to seek health care cost savings through consumer-driven health plans with health savings accounts (HSAs) and, to a lesser extent, health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), a new analysis shows. But employers are being less generous with HSA contributions.

Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage

SHRM Article ImageA growing number of prominent companies have reformed their HR processes in order to access neurodiverse talent; among them are SAP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson, Ford, and EY. Many others, including Caterpillar, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS, have start-up or exploratory efforts under way. We have had extensive access to the neurodiversity programs at SAP, HPE, and Specialisterne (the Danish consulting company that originated such programs) and have also interacted with people at Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson, and EY.

How HR Can Help Control Prescription Drug Costs

SHRM Article ImageHR should focus on plan design, oversight and communications to rein in ever-rising drug prices.

Do 'Ban-the-Box' Laws Help Expand Employers' Candidate Pools?

SHRM Article ImageDo 'ban-the-box' laws help expand employers' candidate pools?

Job Title Alone Does Not Make an Employee a Supervisor

SHRM Article ImageAn employer could not consider members of a proposed bargaining unit statutory supervisors, though the employees in that unit had the word "supervisor" in their job titles.

Staffing Company Employee Must Arbitrate Dispute with Business Where He Was Assigned to Work

SHRM Article ImageA worker was required to arbitrate a wage and hour dispute with an employer that hired him through a temporary staffing agency, even though the employer was not party to an arbitration agreement.

Trump's Paid-Parental-Leave Plan Plays Catch-Up to State and Corporate Programs

SHRM Article ImagePresident Donald Trump's federal budget proposal, released May 23, calls for granting mothers and fathers up to six weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child, with the states playing a key role in funding and administering the program. Some question whether the program, which relies on funds from state unemployment insurance reserves, is feasible.

Female Leadership Pipeline Fueled By Early-Career International Assignments

SHRM Article ImageOverseas assignments can bolster a career by helping to develop leadership skills and expand knowledge of a company's operations in a global business environment. In fact, such assignments are the best predictor for promotion and higher pay, according to a 2015 Mercer study.

How to Become a Courageous Leader

SHRM Article ImageHow to become an exceptional leader by exhibiting courage every day.

How to Practice HR on Purpose

Reflections on how to practice the profession with intention and inspiration.

How HR Can Navigate Competing Loyalties

SHRM Article ImageHR pros can balance opposing demands by employees and the executive team?and stay sane in the process.

Winning Team Players: A Q&A with Patrick Lencioni

The best team players are humble, hungry and smart, says best-selling business author Patrick Lencioni.

Appeals Court Reinstates Criminal Background Checks for School Construction Workers

SHRM Article Image?A court order that stopped school districts from conducting background checks of all applicants and employees on school roofing projects while the legality of the checks could be decided has been overturned.

Failed Workplace Drug Tests Reach 12-Year High

SHRM Article ImageAmerican workers are using drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines, at the highest rate since 2004, which contributed to a 12-year high in positive workplace drug-test results, according to the annual Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index.

Part-Time Schedule Was Not Required as Ongoing Accommodation

SHRM Article ImageA diligent employer well-versed in accommodation obligations can avoid legal liabilities and for some positions deny ongoing part-time work as a reasonable accommodation.

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