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The 'Yelping' of Pay

SHRM Article ImageJob candidates and employees, armed with online salary Information—which may not be wholly accurate—feel empowered to push for "fair pay." Employers, in turn, should be prepared to discuss the organization’s pay strategy and philosophy, and to correct misperceptions stemming from partial or inaccurate online data.

Florida Legislature Approves Ride-Hailing Driver Bill

SHRM Article ImageFlorida lawmakers recently approved a bill that would make it easier for ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to show that their drivers are properly deemed independent contractors.

Ontario Court Allows Workplace Random Drug and Alcohol Testing to Proceed

SHRM Article ImageThe Ontario Superior Court of Justice allowed the Toronto Transit Commission to proceed with implementing random drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive employees, pending the outcome of an ongoing arbitration.

India: Government Throws Light on Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017

SHRM Article ImageThe India Ministry of Labour and Employment has clarified queries raised with regard to The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017.

Employers: Is Your Unpaid Internship Program Legal?

SHRM Article ImageSummer is quickly approaching, and so is the time for summer internship programs that college students rely on to gain valuable professional experience. Employers may want to offer those internships without compensation, but is it legal? Here are some things to consider.

Viewpoint: Pay Equity Issues Remain at Forefront for HR

SHRM Article ImagePay equity remains a hot topic throughout the country and the world. Human resources is, as usual, at the forefront of this conversation. So how does HR prepare for the discussion? By having a solid understanding of the issues.

In Focus: Court Rules that Salary History OK for Setting Pay

SHRM Article ImageA 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision contradicts other appeals court rulings by holding that salary history alone may be used in setting pay--an appellate split that the Supreme Court may have to resolve.

Molly Fletcher: Connections, Not Conversations

SHRM Article ImageRenowned sports agent, CEO and author Molly Fletcher has been dubbed the "Female Jerry McGuire," because her passion for her clients is reminiscent of Tom Cruise's famous movie character.

Past Employment Checks Are Critical to the Hiring Process

SHRM Article ImageNot checking the past employment of potential new hires is one of the biggest mistakes employers can make. An employer has a vested interest in finding out how successful the applicant was in previous jobs.

ACA Replacement Bill Shows Signs of Life

SHRM Article ImageThe GOP's efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are back from the dead, though not yet out of intensive care, as negotiations continue between the party's conservatives and moderates. Democratic congressional leaders hope for the replacement bill's demise, after which some see bipartisan opportunities to fix the ACA's problems and address rising health care prices.

How to Catch a Liar? Play Nice, Do Your Homework, Don’t Tip Your Hand

SHRM Article Image"The best way to detect a liar is not by body language; that's only one cue," said Phillip Maltin, who spoke about detecting liars at the Society for Human Resource Management's Talent Management Conference & Exposition. "A person may seem nervous because they're telling the truth but they think that I'm not going to believe them. You need to let body language be a guide," but not the only means to suss out fabrications.

Contractor Settles Claim of Discrimination Against Asian Applicants for $1.66M

SHRM Article Image​A workforce well-represented by Asian employees still might unlawfully discriminate in discrete positions if statistics indicate a selection rate for those jobs adversely impacts Asian applicants, suggests a settlement between a technology company and the federal government.

May Day Protesters May Be Covered by Law

SHRM Article ImageThe general strikes that have been announced for May 1—May Day—are more likely to be protected concerted activity covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) than were the February "Day Without Immigrants" protests.

Recruiters: Continuous Learning Can Lead to the Career You Want

SHRM Article ImageThe "only one person is responsible for your career—you," career counselor Robin Ryan told attendees at the Society for Human Resource Management's Talent Management Conference & Exposition.

EEOC Settlement of Wellness Suit Leaves Unresolved Issues

SHRM Article ImageA settlement reached by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and an employer over whether worker participation in a worksite health screening was "voluntary" is a warning signal not to go too far in pressing employees to participate in wellness-promoting initiatives. But conflicting federal rules and court decisions continue to muddy the compliance waters for employee wellness programs.

Seeking a Job? Math Whizzes Rejoice; Wordsmiths Beware

SHRM Article ImageStatistician, mathematician and operations research analyst—all jobs that require solid math skills—are among the best jobs of 2017, according to CareerCast's annual Jobs Rated report on the best and worst jobs in the U.S.

In Focus: Vote Confirming Acosta Is Scheduled for Today

SHRM Article ImageA far less controversial secretary of labor nominee than Andrew Puzder, Alexander Acosta's confirmation is expected in the Senate later this week.

Supreme Court: No Sovereign Immunity for Tribal Casino Limo Driver

SHRM Article ImageThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled on April 25 that a limousine driver for a Mohegan Tribe casino isn’t entitled to sovereign immunity in a negligence case stemming from an off-reservation car accident.

Trump’s First 100 Days and a Look Ahead

SHRM Article Image​President Donald Trump is just starting to make his mark on employment law, as he reaches his first 100 days in office on April 29.

Injured Employee Who Refused to Return to Work Has Wrongful Discharge Claim

SHRM Article Image​A railroad employee with carpal tunnel syndrome who reinjured his hands at work could pursue his wrongful discharge claim even though he chose not to return to work when instructed, the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas ruled.

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