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Despite Gains, Average Intern Wage Still Below Pre-Recession Level

SHRM Article ImageUndergraduate interns earned less in 2017 than they did in 2010 when their salaries are adjusted for inflation. However, their pay has grown over the past three years which, when coupled with an increase in intern hiring, suggests intern wages may soon see a larger boost.

Brazil: Overview of Recent Labor Reform

SHRM Article Image​Labor reform in Brazil was approved on July 13, 2017, amending several articles of the Labor Code.

Germany: Employee Monitoring Ruled Unlawful

SHRM Article ImageThe German Federal Labor Court decided that a company's use of surveillance software to monitor computer use of its employees was in violation of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

How to Keep HSAs Exempt from ERISA

SHRM Article Image​Employers should not, through good intentions, become overinvolved in employees' decisions to invest in health savings accounts (HSAs).

EEOC Religious Accommodation Lawsuit Holds Lessons for Employers

SHRM Article ImageA federal judge in Colorado recently imposed sanctions on an employer that failed to preserve evidence in a religious accommodation lawsuit. The case serves as a reminder for employers to work with their attorneys and HR and IT departments to safeguard relevant information when such claims arise.

Midyear Changes Required for California Employers

SHRM Article ImageNew legal requirements are not limited to changes in law that take effect on the first of the year. Companies in California must take note of new employment rules that imposed additional requirements as of July 1 and require immediate action to ensure compliance.

Delaware Amends Data Breach Statute

SHRM Article ImageWith the passage of the first significant amendments to its data breach law since 2005, Delaware has joined the growing list of states that have recently amended their data breach laws.

Chicago and Cook County Paid-Sick-Leave Ordinances May Apply to Your Organization

SHRM Article ImagePaid-sick-leave ordinances became effective in the city of Chicago and Cook County on July 1. Although many employers have made the necessary changes, many have not because of persistent myths that the requirements do not apply to them. This article debunks some of those myths and encourages companies to take action.

Emeryville, Calif., Adopts Rules Implementing Employment Ordinance

SHRM Article ImageA little over two years after Emeryville’s Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave, and Other Employment Standards Ordinance took effect, the city manager adopted implementing regulations. In many respects, the regulations codify positions the city historically took in its frequently asked questions.

An Employee Failed a Drug Test. Now What?

SHRM Article ImageEmployers conduct drug tests to screen out potential new hires who use illicit drugs and to deter current staff from abusing drugs and creating safety risks in the workplace. So what should employers do when a job applicant or current employee fails a drug test?

In Australia, Ombudsman Pursues Work Violations

SHRM Article Image​Employers hiring workers in Australia should be aware of the Fair Work Ombudsman, a statutory agency funded by the Australian government, to "promote and monitor compliance with the Fair Work Act [of 2009], investigate potential breaches of the Fair Work Act, and, if necessary, take the matter to court or refer it to relevant authorities."

New Players Emerge in 401(k) Services Market

SHRM Article ImageLesser-known financial firms are challenging the dominant 401(k) services providers, and plan sponsors concerned about high fees or experiencing poor service may want to shop around. When seeking lower fees, keep available services in mind. Renegotiating plan fees with a current 401(k) services firm is an alternative to switching to a lower-cost provider.

Employers Dropping Domestic Partner Benefits

SHRM Article ImageA growing number of employers are requiring same-sex couples to be married before an employee’s partner can receive health care benefits. Larger organizations are the most likely to maintain domestic partner benefits for unmarried same- and opposite-sex couples.

Keep It Simple

SHRM Article ImageSteve Browne is the author of HR On Purpose!! In his new book, he says it is astonishing that companies are willing to invest thousands of dollars in some off-the-shelf program to get people to be more engaged. If one attempt fails, HR is tasked with finding the next, great vendor that will make it stick—this time. The radical step he encourages readers to consider, and then act on, is to simplify your approach.

NLRB Tells Supreme Court It Opposes Class-Action Waivers

SHRM Article Image​Employees can bring class-action lawsuits despite having signed arbitration agreements' class-action waivers, according to a brief filed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in three consolidated cases before the Supreme Court.

Clarify the 'What,' 'Who' and 'Why' of Collaboration

SHRM Article ImageCreating a collaborative work environment begins with knowing what your organization wants to achieve, who should be part of the effort and why the company wants to achieve that goal.

Artificial Intelligence Can Boost HR Analytics, But Buyer Beware

SHRM Article Image​Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have had no bigger impact on human resources than in the area of analytics. But with the growing popularity of AI-driven analytics also comes danger. It is more important than ever that HR buyers have a good grasp of what constitutes true AIand machine learning before investing in the tools, experts say.

When the Boss Asks HR to Do Something Immoral or Illegal

SHRM Article Image It's one thing when an employee is violating office policies or even the law—HR professionals may feel secure that upper management will support them in firing the employee or reporting the employee's actions to the police. But what's an HR manager to do if it is the boss who is pressuring either employees or the HR manager to do something unethical or criminal?

NLRB Offices Might Close Because of Budget Cuts

SHRM Article Image​Five subregional National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) offices may be shuttered—with staff to begin working remotely—because of budget reductions for the board.

ADA Claim Advances When Employer Failed to Define Job Functions

SHRM Article Image​An employer must be able to prove that an employee is unable to perform an essential job function to win summary judgment on a discrimination claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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