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Employees Are Key to Curbing Data-Breach Risks

To ensure that company, consumer and employee information is protected, employers should understand the data-security laws that cover their workplace and train employees to know their role in minimizing the risk of a data breach.

Portable Devices Create Data-Security Challenges

Whether on laptops, tablets or smartphones, more employees are taking confidential business information with them nearly everywhere they go—and they may be leaving company data exposed to external threats. Here are some of the associated risks and tips on how companies can protect their data.

Create a Cross-Functional Team to Combat Data Security Issues

Protecting company information and devices may seem like a task best fit for the IT department, but an effective data-security program includes collaboration with human resources and leaders across the organization.

Video: 5 Tips to Protect Data on Portable Devices

Here are five quick tips on how employers and HR can help protect sensitive data on employees' portable devices.

Commuting and Adoption Benefit Amounts Rise in 2019

For 2019, the IRS increased the annual limits and thresholds for qualified transportation and parking benefits, and for employer-funded adoption assistance programs.

California Workers May Be Covered by Several Paid-Sick-Leave Laws

Complying with multiple paid-sick-leave laws isn’t easy for employers, particularly in California, where workers may be covered by state, local and industry-specific rules. Here's how the patchwork of local laws affect California businesses.

Appeals Court Blocks Austin’s Paid-Sick-Leave Law

Austin’s paid-sick-leave ordinance is pre-empted by the Texas Minimum Wage Act, a state appeals court found on Nov. 16 in a lawsuit seeking to stop the city’s mandate.

Leave Laws by State and Municipality

A chart of leave laws by state.

HR Evolves to Keep Pace with Workplace Changes

HR executives from Booz Allen Hamilton, Deere & Company and Zappos shared their visions of the future workplace and HR's role in it during a wide-ranging panel discussion at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2018 Volunteer Leaders' Summit.

Boosting Workers' Hours May Be Solution to Holiday Hiring Woes

Retailers, struggling to hire in a tight labor market, offer part-time workers more hours to meet holiday demand.

Got the Flu? Don’t Be a Superhero―Stay Home!

Unmanageable workloads are among the reasons that employees—even if they have paid sick leave—show up at work when sick with the flu, health experts say. And that means every time they touch the copy machine, an elevator button, a door handle or the watercooler, they're exposing the rest of their colleagues to the same misery.

Convincing CEOs to Make Harassment Prevention a Priority

While some business leaders have seized the #MeToo movement and made important changes in how they address harassment in their workplaces, others do not yet see the urgency to do so. Here are facts you can use to convince them.

Labor and Employment Law Overview: Alaska

Alaska labor and employment law overview provided by XpertHR.

Labor and Employment Law Overview: Kansas

Kansas labor and employment law overview provided by XpertHR.

Labor and Employment Law Overview: Ohio

Ohio labor and employment law overview provided by XpertHR.

Does This Law Apply to My Organization in Alaska?

Does this law apply in Alaska?

Does This Law Apply to My Organization in Kansas?

Kansas: does this law apply?

Does This Law Apply to My Organization in Ohio?

Ohio: does this law apply?

Minimum Wage Rates by State and Municipality

A chart of minimum wage rates by state and municipality.

Hoffmann Receives Meisinger Fellowship

​Joshua Hoffmann of Logan, Utah, is the winner of the 2018 Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR.

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