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5th Circuit Ruling Leaves DOL’s Fiduciary Rule in Limbo

SHRM Article ImageAn Obama-era Department of Labor (DOL) rule requiring heightened plan sponsor vigilance of investment advice given to employees has suffered a judicial blow, but isn’t down for the count.

CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures Have Begun, Putting Morale at Risk

SHRM Article ImageIt’s now easier for publicly traded company employees to compare their CEOs pay with their own and to see if they themselves are paid more or less than the typical employee.

Romance at Work: Employees Don’t Trust HR to Keep Their Secret

SHRM Article ImageFour in 10 people have engaged in workplace romances, yet precious few of them confided in HR about it—even if their company policy required formal disclosure.

Your Career Q&A: How to Come Out of Retirement

SHRM Article ImageMy experience with successful professionals who want to get back in the game later in life is that they want to work and make a difference with their presence. Yet at the same time often recognize that they don't want all those responsibilities that they used to carry.

Viewpoint: Building a Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

SHRM Article ImageThere is a growing recognition that, in order for D&I to be successful, it must be a top-to-bottom business strategy and not just an HR program or initiative. I

Effective Recruiting Teams Share These Six Traits

SHRM Article ImageNew research proves that the most successful talent acquisition teams do much more than fill vacant roles—they hold a place of central strategic importance in their organizations.

Why Pay Equity Keeps Getting More Complicated

SHRM Article ImageAs pressure on employers to address the pay gap between men and women, and between white and minority employees, ramps up, consider keeping an "equity reserve" off the top of the payroll adjustment budget and use these funds to close the parity gap, a pay equity attorney advised.

How to Earn the Trust of Your CEO

SHRM Article ImageCEOs report that their top HR professionals aren’t able to use analytics to forecast the company’s employment needs, they can’t effectively identify new talent pipelines and sources of talent, and they don’t link employee planning to business planning.

Sidebar: Tips for Using Analytics

The authors of the DDI study offered these tips to HR staffs for using analytics to anticipate business needs and communicate better with company leaders.

6 Steps for Building an Inclusive Workplace

To get workplace diversity and inclusion right, you need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard.

Heterosexual Worker Loses Sexual-Orientation Claim

SHRM Article Image​A heterosexual, female former employee lost her claim that she was fired over her Facebook posting of a photograph of and comments about a man in a dress because of her sexual orientation, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Lack of Communication Sinks FMLA Claims

SHRM Article ImageAn employer has no obligation under the Family and Medical Leave Act to restore an employee to the same or equivalent position if the employee fails to return from leave or continues leave without communicating his or her return-to-work date to the employer.

How Agile Is Transforming the Way Business Is Done

SHRM Article ImageBusiness leaders are taking lessons from software developers and restructuring their companies to conform with the tenets of agile project management.

Report: Minority Professionals in Cybersecurity Underrepresented in Senior Roles, Paid Less

Cybersecurity professionals of color earn less than their white counterparts, says a new report, "Innovation Through Inclusion: The Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce."

How to Avoid Beauty Bias When Hiring

SHRM Article ImageJob seekers with movie-star good looks appear to have the world at their feet, except for when they apply for menial work, according to recent research.

What’s Next for Health Care Legislation?

SHRM Article ImageRepublicans are no longer expected to make big changes in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But bipartisan legislation streamlining ACA reporting and giving health savings accounts more flexibility are on the agenda.

Malta: Does Being On Call Qualify as Working Time?

SHRM Article ImageThe Court of Justice of the European Union tackled the issue of "working time" in terms of Directive 2003/88/EC, and provided guidance as to when being on-call must be considered as "working time" within the meaning of the directive, even if the worker is at home.

Self-Audit in Response to DOL PAID Pilot Program

SHRM Article ImageMore employers are likely to self-audit their pay practices and correct errors as a result of the U.S. Department of Labor’s new pilot program, the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) program.

Ontario Government Seeks to Close the Gender Pay Gap

SHRM Article ImageThe Ontario government has introduced Bill 203, the Pay Transparency Act of 2018, with the goal of closing the gender pay gap.

Colorado High Court Clarifies Limitations Period for Unpaid Wage Claims

SHRM Article ImageUnder the Colorado Wage Claim Act, a terminated employee's right to seek unpaid wages or compensation at termination is subject to the two- or three-year statute of limitations found in the CWCA, the Colorado Supreme Court has held.

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