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HR Software Bots Increase Job Satisfaction

SHRM Article ImageRobotic Process Automation is increasingly being used in onboarding, recruiting, and learning and development to automate high-volume, rules-based tasks using software bots.

Screening Candidates’ Social Media May Lead to TMI, Discrimination Claims

SHRM Article ImageRecruiters and hiring managers can’t seem to stop themselves from perusing candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process, a practice that can save employers from making bad hires but carries significant risk.

Can Employers Pay Tipped Workers Less Than Minimum Wage?

SHRM Article ImageThe Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows employers to pay workers who customarily receive tips less than the standard minimum wage as long as certain conditions are met—but the rule’s applicability has been diminished by state laws that set higher minimum wages or ban subminimum wages altogether.

California Immigration Law Places Employers in Tough Position

SHRM Article ImageSeveral months after it went into effect, California’s new immigration law, AB 450, has many of the state’s employers worried. Employers are concerned that the law places them in the middle of a dispute between the federal and state governments.

People with Autism Can Be an 'Untapped Reservoir of Talent'

SHRM Article ImageA 131-year-old manufacturer of men’s suits in Des Plaines, Ill., has made a concerted effort since 2015 to be neurodiverse and hire individuals with autism. Exercise is part of its overall strategy to accommodate people with autism.

Hilton, McDonald’s Pay More Attention to Blue-Collar Staff

SHRM Article Image

Keep Track of 401(k) Participants So They Don’t Go Missing

SHRM Article ImageIncreased job-hopping and forgetting to update their contact details can cause 401(k) plan participants to "disappear." Creating a "missing-participant program" can help plan sponsors comply with the requirement that they make sure former employees can access their savings. A proposed legislative remedy also could be on the way.

How to Measure the ROI of Leadership Development

SHRM Article ImageYou can prove that leadership training has a business impact.

Working Toward Vision 2030: Key Employment Considerations in Saudi Arabia

SHRM Article ImageMultinational companies should consider key employment developments in Saudi Arabia that are likely over the coming years in the context of Vision 2030.

UAE Permits Greater Movement of Workers

SHRM Article ImageA ministerial resolution that allows part-time work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be conducted without the approval of an employee's sponsor has recently been published, allowing for greater movement for workers in the UAE.

SHRM to NLRB: Rescind or Modify ‘Ambush’ Election Rule

SHRM Article Image​The "ambush" election rule, which took effect three years ago under the Obama administration, invades workers' privacy, unfairly burdens employers, and should be rescinded or modified, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Experts Weigh In on Starbucks' Racial-Bias Training

SHRM Article ImageStarbucks will conduct staff training on racial bias May 29. SHRM Online reached out to diversity and inclusion experts and asked what they would do if they were tapped to deliver this training.

E-Verify to Go Dark This Weekend

SHRM Article ImageThe federal government’s electronic employment verification system will be unavailable this weekend due to system upgrades. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that E-Verify will be shut down from midnight March 23 to 8:00 a.m. March 26 Eastern Standard Time. E-Verify users are encouraged to complete and close any open cases prior to the system shutdown.

Get Ahead of the Curve and Be Transparent About Salary Information

SHRM Article ImageA big change happening right now is revealing a job's pay early in the interview process, and HR should be at the front of this wave.

7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

SHRM Article ImageA vast body of research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. Unconscious racism, ageism, and sexism play a big role in whom we hire. But there are steps you can take to recognize and reduce these biases. So where should you start? And how can you help others on your team do the same?

IRS Issues First FAQs on Paid-Leave Credit

SHRM Article ImageWhen the IRS posted a set of frequently asked questions regarding the new employer tax credit for paid family and medical leave, it provided some assurance for employers that plan to take advantage of the credit while leaving many compliance details still to be addressed.

How to Create an Effective Teleworking Program

SHRM Article ImageMention teleworking, and some managers immediately feel at sea. How can I supervise employees I can't see? Will staffers be sending check-in emails while watching Netflix? Can professionalism be maintained in pajamas? Yet behind these fears lay opportunities. Teleworking, if planned and managed successfully, can be thought of as an opportunity for an organization to build trust and productivity among employees.

Why More Employers Should Provide 'Mental Health First Aid'

SHRM Article ImageTraining employees to better understand mental illness can keep workers and organizations healthy.

Tips For Obeying Final Pay Rules

SHRM Article ImageHeed these tips for obeying rules on final pay for departing employees. Penalties for noncompliance can be steep.

Gigs Are the Future of Work: A Q&A with Sarah Kessler

SHRM Article ImageJournalist Sarah Kessler explores the dramatic growth of the gig economy and how it is changing our culture and the definition of a job.

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