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Facebook to Make Sweeping Discrimination Reforms

Facebook will change how it manages job, housing, and credit ads on its platforms, following what it called "historic settlement agreements."

Don’t Assume Job Seekers Will Relocate

If your organization’s leaders and hiring managers assume that most candidates will move to a new location for a job, they’re wrong. While some job seekers in the United States will relocate, most won’t.

States Impose Paid Family Leave as Congress Weighs National Policy

U.S. employers face a growing patchwork of state paid leave laws while momentum builds for federal paid family leave legislation. Employers should help to shape government policies so that they make sense for their companies and their employees, the Society for Human Resource Management told HR professionals at the 2019 SHRM Law & Legislation Conference.

Premium Processing Will Be Available for This Year’s H-1B Cap Cases

Premium processing—the federal government’s popular service which promises employers a judgment on their visa petition within 15 days—will be an option for this year’s cap-subject H-1B visas, but only after a delay and split into two-phases.

Misconduct Did Not Rise to the Level of Harassment

Allegations that may cause outrage in the workplace in the #MeToo era may fall flat in a court of law.

ADA’s Interactive Process Is a Two-Way Street

An employer that grants schedule adjustments that aren’t required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may later stop allowing such changes when the employee declines to help the employer identify a reasonable accommodation.

State Legalization of Marijuana Presents Thorny Issues for HR

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana use, HR continues to struggle with the challenges presented by applicants and employees who use the drug.

3 Steps in Aligning Culture Across the Globe

Considering the critical importance of alignment, how can multinational companies keep a consistent culture across countries and regions?

Careful Review of California Workplace Law Is Critical for Compliance

California is a state where one tiny mistake can lead to class-action claims and seven-figure verdicts—but the good news for HR is that understanding California law is a career builder, an employment attorney said at the 2019 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

How to Correlate Disparate HR Data for Improved Talent Decisions

​The average HR department is awash in unprecedented amounts of data generated by its core HR information and talent management systems. But few are able to combine and correlate different HR datasets to improve workforce insights. Here are ways to accomplish that.

Hiring People with Criminal Backgrounds Is Easier Than You Think

A panel of experts at the 2019 Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference answered employers who are wondering: Second-chance hiring is well-intentioned, sure, but how do we actually do it?

H-1B Employers Are Feeling the Squeeze Ahead of Visa Filing Season

"There was a time when filing for an H-1B visa was pretty predictable," said immigration attorney Andrew Greenfield. "It's not predictable anymore, and employers have had to learn to adapt," he told the 2019 Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

Trump Administration Report Offers Ideas on Expanding U.S. Labor Force

​A new report from the Council of Economic Advisors explores strategies to get more people in the labor force as millions of Baby Boomers are expected to retire. In 10 years, nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population will be 65 or older. Meanwhile, more U.S. workers are quitting their jobs now than at any time since 2000, when the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began recording the employee quit rate.

Companies Find Ways to Bridge Skills Gap

JPMorgan Chase is committing $350 million to pilot innovative education and training programs aligned with high-demand digital and technical skills. It's joining organizations throughout the country looking for new ways to fill the skills gap.

Survey: Half of HR Pros' Workplaces Experienced Violence

​About half (48 percent) of surveyed HR professionals said their organization had at some point experienced workplace violence, according to research released today by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Fine-Tune Tuition Benefits to Meet Talent Goals

Tuition-reimbursement programs can be vital to retaining employees and helping them advance within the organization. Student loan repayment benefits can also attract new talent to the organization. Increasingly, employers are using educational assistance benefits strategically to help meet their organization's talent needs.

Your Career Q&A: Are You Changing Jobs or Making a Strategic Career Move?

All too often, we grab the first job offer that comes along. Then, a few months later, we realize that we might be in a different building and office chair, but we've essentially landed in the same job and situation, and maybe even for the same pay. Martin Yate offers advice on how to make strategic career moves, rather than just changing jobs.

Early Detection Is Key to Workplace Compliance

How can employers identify and address risk factors before they turn into complaints or lawsuits? Stop problems before they start, said panelists at the 2019 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

State Legislators Say They Want to Hear from HR on Paid Family Leave

​More states are considering paid family leave bills, and lawmakers said they want to hear from human resource professionals about how these laws might affect the workplace. "When there are bills related to employment law … you really need to reach out to your legislators," said Delaware Rep. Ruth Briggs King, R-Georgetown, at the 2019 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Employment Law & Legislative Conference on March 18.

Tougher State Laws Increase Scrutiny on Pay Equity

As states strengthen their pay equity laws to be more strict than federal legislation, ​factors that HR professionals have long relied on to make compensation changes, such as seniority and education, may not withstand court scrutiny, according to David Cohen, president of DCI Consulting in Washington, D.C., speaking at the 2019 Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

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