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End Reserved Employee Parking by March 31 or Owe 2018 Taxes

As of 2018, the costs of providing qualified parking to employees as a tax-free benefit is not deductible by for-profit employers and is subject to a 21 percent tax for tax-exempt organizations. To avoid taxes on parking benefits, employers should reclassify some or all employee parking spots as open spots.

Tips for Finding Former Employees Who Are Key Witnesses

HR professionals often must interview workers during investigations into harassment and other workplace complaints, and they may want key witnesses to testify in court during related lawsuits. So what can an employer do if a former employee disappears without a trace before testifying?

Illinois Workplace Labor and Employment Law Posters

Illinois workplace labor and employment law poster chart.

How One HR Officer Tackled the Task of Staffing Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum

Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum—home court for the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) Milwaukee Bucks and site of the 2020 Democratic National Convention—opened in August 2018. But when plans for the new arena were hatched four years earlier, the Bucks organization, which owns and staffs the sports and entertainment venue, didn’t even have an HR department.

EEOC Asks Industry Leaders How to Help Employers End Harassment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wants to end workplace harassment and is turning to business leaders for their insight.

Canada: How to Manage Your Reputation Online

Employers can better manage their reputation online, including by filing actions for defamation against former employees.

Bulgaria: Law Requires the Hiring of People with Disabilities

Bulgarian companies with staff exceeding 50 employees must hire people with disabilities, according to the new Disability Act.

Ontario: Foreign Arbitration Requirement Invalidated

The Ontario Court of Appeal invalidated an arbitration clause requiring Uber drivers in Ontario, Canada, to resolve all employment issues through a prohibitively expensive process in the Netherlands.

How to Handle California FEHA Reasonable Accommodation Requests

If your business has five or more employees, your business is one of the millions in California that has a duty to provide reasonable accommodations for its employees with known disabilities under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Facebook to Make Sweeping Discrimination Reforms

Facebook will change how it manages job, housing, and credit ads on its platforms, following what it called "historic settlement agreements."

Inclusion at Work Starts with Creating Pathways to Belonging

It's important for organizations that want to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces to create opportunities for dialogue—not debate—in the workplace.

Don’t Assume Job Seekers Will Relocate

If your organization’s leaders and hiring managers assume that most candidates will move to a new location for a job, they’re wrong. While some job seekers in the United States will relocate, most won’t.

Viewpoint: How to Foster a Culture of Workplace Safety

A security professional explains how he created corporate security awareness models at General Motors Financial, ESPN and Capital One through effective marketing and messaging, employee recognition, leveraging of partnerships, and buy-in from company executives.

States Impose Paid Family Leave as Congress Weighs National Policy

U.S. employers face a growing patchwork of state paid leave laws while momentum builds for federal paid family leave legislation. Employers should help to shape government policies so that they make sense for their companies and their employees, the Society for Human Resource Management told HR professionals at the 2019 SHRM Law & Legislation Conference.

Premium Processing Will Be Available for This Year’s H-1B Cap Cases

Premium processing—the federal government’s popular service which promises employers a judgment on their visa petition within 15 days—will be an option for this year’s cap-subject H-1B visas, but only after a delay and split into two-phases.

Misconduct Did Not Rise to the Level of Harassment

Allegations that may cause outrage in the workplace in the #MeToo era may fall flat in a court of law.

ADA’s Interactive Process Is a Two-Way Street

An employer that grants schedule adjustments that aren’t required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may later stop allowing such changes when the employee declines to help the employer identify a reasonable accommodation.

State Legalization of Marijuana Presents Thorny Issues for HR

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana use, HR continues to struggle with the challenges presented by applicants and employees who use the drug.

3 Steps in Aligning Culture Across the Globe

Considering the critical importance of alignment, how can multinational companies keep a consistent culture across countries and regions?

Careful Review of California Workplace Law Is Critical for Compliance

California is a state where one tiny mistake can lead to class-action claims and seven-figure verdicts—but the good news for HR is that understanding California law is a career builder, an employment attorney said at the 2019 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference.

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